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Brand architects cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines to provide innovative

and cohesive brand solutions. And they do this across a wide variety of mediums. 

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Rick Seireeni


Rick Seireeni is founder of The Brand Architect Group and coined the phrase “brand architect”. The melding of “branding” and “architecture” began while attending the University of Washington School of Architecture and its Rome Studies Program. As a student, he was also an avid photographer and graphic designer. Rick’s first job was working for the City of Seattle team that saved the Pike Place Market from destructive urban renewal. Next was a role at Straight Arrow Books and Rolling Stone Magazine as an art director, followed by a move to Los Angeles to lead the Warner Bros Records art department and later as a partner in the iconic design firm, Vigon Seireeni. Over the last three decades, Seireeni has worked with some amazing entrepreneurs who have created Southern California’s most recognized brands, like Gotcha, The Little Door, Guess?, Quicksilver, Wolfgang Puck, Leon Max and so many others. All this led to a long collaboration with Tokyo friend and fellow brand architect, Sy Chen. Together, they went on to build brands for clients like Mitsubishi Bank, Uniqlo, Sony, ANA Airlines and the World Trade Center Japan. In the case of Uniqlo, Sy and Rick turned this little-known sportswear retailer into the fastest growing fast-fashion brand in the world — all in eighteen months. Today, Seireeni offers clients a results-driven formula designed to launch companies from zero to sixty with all the bases covered.

For more on Mr. Seireeni, visit his legacy page.

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Will Ayres


Will is a deeply experienced brand storyteller, who has, throughout his career, fused strategy and creativity to elevate the profile of the world's leading companies.

Early days at JPMorgan provided an inside view of design's corporate voice and purpose, while six years as a design director at Siegel & Gale sharpened his skills, tactical focus, and innumerable HB pencils. Will’s ten years at Enterprise IG saw him advance the creative process by adding conceptual and expressive depth, and as Managing Director, he orchestrated multi-discipline teams at WPP agencies worldwide on key global client programs - among them, Bank of America, Qwest, Nortel, Caterpillar, DuPont, 3M, DeBeers, and Harley-Davidson. As a Creative Principal with Infinia, his engagements included Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (overseeing their name change to Florida Blue), BNP Paribas, Pfizer, Deloitte and Nielsen.


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