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Launching a business or a new product is an all-hands-on-deck, time-is-of-the-essence proposition. 
Everything needs to be thought through, ideas tested and rollouts done seemlessly.

This is a graphic of arrows with text that reads, Brand Architects Turn Strategy Into Brand Action.

Like Architects Who Design Buildings, Brand Architects Cover All The Bases From The Analytical And Conceptual To The Creative And Tangible.



Competitive Analysis


No one who is smart gets in a fight without first studying the competitor. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses in a market is the key to identifying an effective strategy.


Customer Profiling


Selling to anyone or everyone is not a strategy. Start by selling to those who are most likely to buy and then work your way out. Target influencers who sway others.


Touchpoint & Marketing Choices


Marketing choices are unlimited, but, sadly, marketing budgets are not. Choose marketing channels that are most likely to reach key audiences. It might be a Google ad, or it might be a flyer on a windshield. What are the customer touchpoints?


Brand Positioning


How do you differentiate from others and what differences actually matter? What are the drivers of preference that cause someone to buy this over that?




There is more than one way to skin a cat, so why not skin several cats before you decide. Modeling is the process of visualizing solutions and then testing them out.






With the advent of the World Wide Web, naming has become really challenging, but two things still count.  An effective name helps define the product and its value.


Trademark & Identity


It’s your flag.  Who will salute it? The power of a great identity is the power to stand out and express your personality.


Packaging & Digital Design


Wrapping it up used to mean the container, but today packaging is a total concept. How is the product packaged and presented to customers across all media and using all senses?


Environments & Events


People still gather in person at stores, at trade shows, at events. Designing for these venues takes a special 3D touch that produces a true interactive experience.


Video Storytelling


Your brand should be the star in its own movie. Video storytelling is one of the most effective ways to pull customers into your world and make them believers in your vision.




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