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We deliver the creative plans to bring ideas to life. Working internally or with partners, The Brand Architect Group produces focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.

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Front facade of an Idemitsu gas station in Japan.
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Idemitsu is Japan's largest domestic energy delivery brand and was badly in need of a refresh and connection to modern car ownership and automobile travel. The Brand Architect Group was commissioned to rethink and redesign their brand identity from logo through graphic applications to their service stations. This massive undertaking included a complete set of brand guidelines covering everything from uniforms to service vehicles.

Results: Automobile service stations in Japan have been undergoing intense competition and mergers as the pool of prospective drivers has declined and economic pressures have mounted. Idemitsu was able to hold its own by reintroducing itself as a domestic, not foreign, consumer choice, with a strong expression of technical savvy and traditional Japanese-style white gloves service.

Front facade of the Idemitsu gas station in Japan.
Idemitsu gas station facade showing TECHCARESERVICE signage.
Street view of the Idemitsu gas station in Japan.
Drawing showing the identity system of the Idemitsu gas stations Japan.


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