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We deliver the creative plans to bring ideas to life. Working internally or with partners, The Brand Architect Group produces focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.

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UNIQLO building sign.
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Working in collaboration with Creative Intelligence Associates, Tokyo, Rick Seireeni, Sy Chen and The Brand Architect Group guided the discount apparel retailer, Unique Clothing Warehouse, into the world’s fastest growing fast-fashion retailer. A comprehensive brand strategy led to a new name, a new identity, original merchandise and cutting edge retail stores — all in eighteen months.


Results: The transformation was nothing less than astounding eventually making Uniqlo the top performing stock on the Nikkei Exchange and a worldwide fashion phenomenon. This is an example of our zero-to-sixty, lightning-fast brand realignment and launch.

A pair of Uniqlo signs, one in Japanese and one in English.
Interior of Uniqlo shop in Japan.
Facade of Uniqlo shop in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.
Cover of 2002 Spring Uniqlo catalog.

Our original logo, shown bottom left and bottom right, has already gone through multiple evolutions. The current version was modified by Kashiwa Sato, one Japan's most respected designers. Honored to have him update our work..


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