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Kodiak 100 aircraft advertisement.
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Five years ago, few people - even in aviation - had heard of the 10-seat Kodiak aircraft. Made by hand in Sandpoint, Idaho, the Kodiak had begun life as a humanitarian airlift tool designed to get into and out of the world’s most remote locations. The Brand Architect Group, working closely with head of marketing, Mark Brown, devised a step-by-step plan that elevated the Kodiak to the best known and most respected aircraft in its class. Instead of following the pack of look-a-like aviation brochures and websites, our team, which included former partner and designer, Greg Chinn, crafted a unique brand expression that captured the Kodiak’s roots in the backcountry but gave it appeal to corporate, private aviation and government customers.

Results: Today, Kodiak is owned by the French aerospace giant, Daher, in an acknowledgement of the company's success in competing in the mid-sized STOL turboprop market. From unknown to famous, the Kodiak is the center of attention at airshows and business aviation events around the world. The market has expanded from humanitarian groups to markets across the aviation spectrum — air taxi operations, corporate flight departments, surveillance, wilderness and wildlife management, medivac services, farm and ranch management and so many more.

Kodiak model airplane and Kodiak brochures.
Indoor trade show exhibit for Kodiak Aircraft Company.
Computer screen showing Kodiak website homepage.
Trade magazine advertisement for Kodiak and TBM aircraft.
Renderings of three Kodiak 100 aircraft in different color schemes.
Renderings of three Kodiak 100 aircraft in different color schemes.

One of the very best ways we found to project differentiation was to adopt a unique paint scheme unlike any other aircraft. With the Kodiak name clearly on the tail, there was no mistaking it for another airplane.

Campaign Notes: Building a modern, multi-channel campaign requires the use of all appropriate media and a clever use of limited budgets. For Kodiak marketing, we utilized trade convention exhibits and airshow booths for live display; video storytelling to capture the experience of flight; advanced website programming; print and digital ads; Facebook, Instagram and Google posts; direct mail and web mail; targeted online ads; themed apparel and gift items; a 300-page bound book; brochures with various purposes; appearances at fly-ins and aviation events; public relations; support for demo tours, published adventure stories; partnerships with editors and celebrities . . . and on and on. The campaign had to be fully integrated so the evolving themes were consistent across all channels. The media choices also reflected increasingly targeted audience groups, so the right message got to the right prospective customer.


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