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We deliver the creative plans to bring ideas to life. Working internally or with partners, The Brand Architect Group produces focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.

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This is a rendering of a Peach Airlines aircraft.
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Peach Airline

The Brand Architect Group, under the direction of Rick Seireeni and Sy Chen, developed the brand for Asia’s first low-cost, women-oriented air service between the Japanese Islands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand and South Korea. After an extensive brand development process that included testing of many names and identity designs, our team and our clients settled on the name Peach. Although a bit odd sounding to Western ears, peach is an Asian fruit with positive meanings of longevity and hospitality. Peach Airline was positioned to be a bridge between the various countries of the East Asian neighborhood. Instead of a national airline serving national needs, this airline was designed to connect people, ideas and cultures.

Results: In a time of fierce airline competition and lower fares, Peach Airline has done amazing well. The idea of an airline aimed at female travelers and collaborating with destination services, like K-pop concerts in Korea, has proven success. The airline currently operates 35 aircraft (with more on order) on 39 routes earning 10% operating profit in 2020.

Four renderings of aircraft naming a livery design ideas.

During the development and modeling phase, we created a number of name and design combinations that brought different brand positions to life: 

Neighbor: connecting the Asian neighborhood; QuickAir: fast and simple; JumpAir: quick hops around East Asia; and, Light Airways: light on the budget.

A flight attendant inside a Peach Airline aircraft.
Two Peach Airline aircraft on the tarmac.

In the final solution, all the customer touchpoints were married – from uniforms and interior design to ticket jackets and plush toys. Our design partners on this project were Neil Denari, livery, and James Wilkie, uniforms.


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