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We deliver the creative plans to bring ideas to life. Working internally or with partners, The Brand Architect Group produces focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.

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A ThinkPark development advertisement on the side of a subway car.
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Think Park

One of the very last areas of central Tokyo to be developed was the pre-war industrial neighborhood of Osaki.  Long polluted, it had been difficult to attract real estate investment. In a bid to make this the Silicon Valley of Tokyo and Asia's best example of green urbanism, CIA and The Brand Architect Group created the vision for ThinkPark including the name, identity and marketing materials.


Results: The outcome was a fully leased 152,000 square meter facility prior to opening, which was unheard of during Japan's longterm economic difficulties. It suggests that fresh approaches to development branding can create differentiation and attract target tenants.

A ThinkPark website page mock up.
A rendering of the ThinkPark development complex in Tokyo.
A rendering of a ThinkPark development prospectus package.
A rendering of the ground level of the ThinkPark complex in Tokyo.
The lobby of the ThinkPark Tower in Tokyo
A rendering of a spread from a ThinkPark development prospectus brochure.

Our architectural design partner on this project was Neil Denari, who created the environmental concept studies.

Campaign Notes: Here at The Brand Architect Group, we often focus on naming as a first priority. When launching a new brand, a descriptive or evocative name can get you halfway to your objective of success. For this commercial development project, we tried to come up with words or phrases that described intellectual work (like at a think tank) and green urbanism (like what we find in a city park). The result was ThinkPark – Where Ideas Grow.

A rendering of the ThinkPark development complex in Tokyo.
ThinkPark logo


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