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We were very pleased to have been on the ground floor helping our client launch the world's first grab-and-go flower shop. Together with our Tokyo partner, Creative Intelligence Associates, we helped Mr. Hideaki Inoue realize his concept to encourage people to "live with flowers everyday". The idea was to skip the time-consuming process of making bouquets. Instead, ready-made and economical arrangements were offered in kiosk-like shops near train stations, so commuters could quickly buy flowers for home or office. Instead of just special occasions, flowers became an everyday part of urban life.

Results: From one shop, Aoyama Flower Market has grown into a chain of dozens of stores and, now, teahouses in Japan with new shops opening in London and Paris. It is the most successful line of flower shops in the world.

Flower displays at Aoyama Flower Market Tokyo.
Front facade of Aoyama Flower Market.
Flower products at Aoyama Flower Market.
Small flower bouquets from Aoyama Flower Market.
Flower product displays at Aoyama Flower Market Japan.
Flower product displays at Aoyama Flower Market Japan.

Collaborators included the CIA team and Greg Chinn. Video above produced by Aoyama Flower Market.


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