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We deliver the creative plans to bring ideas to life. Working internally or with partners, The Brand Architect Group produces focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.

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The facade of the Little Next Door restaurant.
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The Little Door & The Little Next Door

Our colorful clients, the Meschin brothers, had a history of launching the most innovative and popular nightclubs in the Los Angeles area. With The Little Door, Fred and Nick moved into the arena of fine dining serving an avant-garde fusion of French and Moroccan culinary traditions. The Brand Architect Group named the restaurant, designed the logo and advised on the total look and feel.


Results: After ten years, The Little Door and its brasserie sister, The Little Next Door, are anchors of the celebrity driven, casual dining experience on LA’s westside.

The Little Door restaurant logo
A photograph of the entrance area of the Little Next Door restaurant.
Prepared food sold at The Little Door restaurant.
Table signage for The Little Door restaurant.
Behind the counter at The Little Door restaurant showing food and wait staff.


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