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We deliver the creative plans to bring ideas to life. Working internally or with partners, The Brand Architect Group produces focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.


Our Japan partner asked us to think about how we might reposition and possibly rebrand the giant energy utility, TEPCO. TEPCO is the co-owner of the infamous Fukushima nuclear power plant along with the Japanese government. The earthquake that damaged this plant also sent Japan into a deep economic malaise. Our idea was a back-to-the-future concept that would take the company back to its 1890 roots as the force behind growth and modernization in Japan. We suggested they use their original name Tokyo Electric (for the public-facing power distribution division) and a modified version of their original lightening bolt logo. TEPCO stands for Tokyo Electric Power Company, so dropping the acronym was a relatively easy and inexpensive move. “Powering Progress” would become the utility’s mission now — as it was then.

Results: Our proposal was not accepted, but we wish it had. We continue to believe it would have been the correct decision.

Collaborators were Sy Chen, CIA Tokyo, and Greg Chinn, designer and former partner.


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