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Let's Buy A Mountain - It's not as crazy as you think

We created the identity for Let's Buy A Mountain as well as Rick being heavily involved with concepting/launching the project from day one. Imagine if you could tackle climate change, save wildlife, preserve a natural environment, cut down on smog and CO2 emissions, and reduce overdevelopment — all in a massive city, like Los Angeles.

The Laurel Canyon Association in coordination with Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) have entered into an agreement to purchase a sizable portion of the mountain above Wonderland School, between Lookout Mountain Avenue and Stanley Hills Drive.

With your help, this very large piece of LA's greenbelt will be forever removed from the threat of development. This land will be maintained as open space by the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority in coordination with CLAW and the Laurel Canyon Land Trust.

Greg Chinn graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design. He has been Senior Designer at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Art Director of Wet Seal Clothing Company and Owner/Creative Director at Jargon Boy Design Studio. He was the former Design Director of Seireeni+Chinn | Brand Architects. His work has been featured in numerous design publications/websites including Dwell, NYT Fashion & Style and HGTV. Greg resides in Laurel Canyon with his very patient wife and their two acrobatic kids.




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